CV Clinic

Have you sent hundreds of resumes for your dream (and even not so dream) jobs and heard nothing back despite you being a perfect fit?

Have you've received an automated rejection email so many times you’ve lost count? 

Have you used up all the free advice you found online and optimised your resume to within an inch of its life, but still nothing!?

Are you sick and tired of wasting precious time trying to put all the pieces together without seeing any results?

Are you frustrated by the guess work and need someone who knows their stuff to tell you exactly what you need to do so that you can finally get a chance to show why you’re the perfect fit for the role?

If you replied “Yes” to one or more of the statements above, then you’ll love Top of the Pile’s CV Clinic!

The CV Clinic is a monthly, live, intimate experience designed to provide you with everything you need to get your resume fixed and shift from “meh” to “wow” to turn into an interview generating machine, in just 2 hours!

Here’s how it works:

1. You book and pay for your spot at the next session on this website.

2. Once your seat is booked, you send me an email ( with your current resume and the job description of your dream job (or the job you want to apply for right now) at least 24 hours before the clinic starts.

3. During the clinic, each participant gets the opportunity to receive personalised feedback and suggestions of improvement on their own resume within a 10-15 minute slot.

4. Each participant benefits from the advice shared within the group and can take it away and apply for their own resume, if they wish.


Here’s what you will learn:

1. How to transform your long list of boring job duties into quantifiable and outstanding achievements that take the “unimpressive” things you did in your past roles and turn them into tangible & sexy results that any recruiter or hiring manager in their right mind would want to hire you for. 

 2. How to get crystal clear on what is your unique value proposition and what value you can provide to an organisation to make them ready and willing to pay you big money each month to solve their problem.

 3. How to take all the confusion in your brain and turn it into sentences that fully encompass what you do and the value of it so that recruiters and decision makers actually want to hire you.


Because here's the truth:

If you do not nail your resume RIGHT NOW, then you’re missing out on plenty of opportunities to be called for an interview, which keeps you further and further from your dream job.  

If you don’t fix your resume right now, the longer your job search will turn out to be and you’ll risk feeling more and more frustrated, worn out and just plain willing to give up on your career dreams (and we certainly don’t want that to happen, do we?)

If you don’t fix your resume right now, you’ll keep wasting time blaming everybody but yourself, especially the broken hiring system which sends out automated rejection emails on repeat, with no opportunity to get any feedback whatsoever.

If you don’t fix your resume right now, you’re just plain wasting time, feeling stuck and leaving money on the table hoping that your salary and happiness at work will improve magically if you just stay where you are, unhappy and uninspired. (Terrible truth: It just doesn’t work that way!)

The CV Clinic accommodates a maximum of 5 spaces per session to keep the group intimate and encourage everyone’s input and participation. Please note that this is a very safe and supportive container. This is not a place to hide, feel embarrassed about showing up your current resume, hiding your achievements and not asking any questions. We have no time to waste here! 

This programme is only for the most motivated, highest calibre job seekers who are done with self-sabotage and messing up with their career goals.

🚀 This is for you if you’re an ambitious jobseeker (multilingual or not) ready to learn how to craft a powerful, achievement-focused resume that will make your application stand out from the pile on the recruiter’s desks (or the electronic version of that image in 2022!).

🚀 This is for you no matter if you’re currently unemployed or stuck in a soul-sucking job - as long as you are determined to fix your resume right now. No more procrastinating or wasting time scrolling through free resources online that aren't going to fix the root reason your resume isn’t working for you. 

🚀 This is for jobseekers who are ready to do the work to land the job that they deserve. This is not for the person who cannot hold themselves accountable, cannot handle honest feedback, or has a ton of BS excuses as to why they aren't already in the dream job that they want. 

You can book your space for the next CV Clinic on this website!

Book the CV Clinic on September 3rd, 2022