"Get the Job" Online Course


Are you a multilingual individual who worries that your accent or lack of confidence in your communication skills may be holding you back in your job search?

Are you feeling like you're stuck in a job that just doesn't fulfill you, but you feel held back because you’re not a native English speaker and you think this puts you at a disadvantage?

Are you sending out resumes left and right but not getting any responses?

It's time to change that and take control of your career with "Get the Job!", my 4-week group mentoring programme designed to help you stand out and be a sought-after candidate, every single time!

I’ll teach you how to craft a compelling, achievement-focused, and ATS-proof resume that will ensure you stand head and shoulders above the rest, and maximise your chances of being called for an interview. I’ll guide you through the process of networking like a pro on LinkedIn, and show you how to optimise your job search and enhance your personal brand. Furthermore, you'll learn how to tailor your answers to even the most challenging interview questions and my 10 fail-safe strategies for interview success!


  • Waking up every morning excited to start your day, feeling fulfilled and motivated in your dream job, and having a salary to match. 
  • Confidently walking into any job interview, knowing you have the tools and strategies to sell yourself effectively and land multiple job offers for your dream roles. 
  • Having a network of connections and a strong personal brand on LinkedIn that opens doors to new opportunities, and the ability to network like a pro. 

Your dream career and salary are waiting for you right now! 


  • You've sent hundreds of resumes for your dream (and even not so dream) jobs and heard nothing back despite you being a perfect fit.
  • You've received an automated rejection email so many times you’ve lost count.
  • You used up all the free advice you found online and optimied your resume to within an inch of its life, but still nothing!
  • You are getting called for interviews, but you fail to sell yourself every time despite knowing you are perfect for the role.
  • You have a LinkedIn profile, but you're not sure how to leverage it effectively.

I understand the struggles of job searching and the importance of finding a fulfilling career, and as a successful multilingual entrepreneur myself, I’ll help you to land YOUR dream job as well - accent or no accent.

In "Get the Job!", you'll learn how to master the right mindset, craft a compelling and ATS-proof resume, nail your next job interview, and network like a pro on LinkedIn. You'll also have access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with like-minded individuals, get your questions answered, and receive support and accountability throughout the program.

Don't let another day go by feeling unfulfilled in your current job.


I’m Fatou Barry, founder of Top of the Pile, Certified Career Coach & Mentor.

The idea for Top of the Pile was born for me back in December 2017 after I decided to leave my well-paid, but highly stressful and unfulfilling role at a well-known company. Like you, I was determined to be happier at work.

With the help of a wonderful life-coach and after some soul-searching, I became clear on the impact I wanted to have - I was drawn towards helping highly talented, frustrated professionals land their dream jobs. And so, with the official launch of Top of the Pile in July 2019, my mission began.

As an ambitious, multilingual millennial myself, my goal is to create the first coaching and consulting business dedicated to helping individuals like us find and land our dream jobs. I love nothing more than working with fellow talented expats.

Unfortunately, I've met too many expats who came from all over the globe to work abroad only to feel stuck in a “multilingual” job that left them unhappy, unfulfilled and uninspired. I've been there, done that and got the T-shirt. I know how much it sucks!

That's why I am on a mission to help my fellow talented expats gain the confidence to go for jobs they will truly enjoy and encourage them to become more aware of their unique skills, gifts and talents and to gently nudge them towards the realisation that they are so much more than a non-native English speaker with a beautiful accent!

I am here to inspire you to go for jobs you REALLY want (even if you think that your English is not good enough) and to embrace a career you will truly enjoy – because you didn’t leave your home country to be miserable at work and because you simply deserve it, period.

I have two qualifications as a Certified Coach, including a Diploma in Executive & Life Coaching accredited by the World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience, an Advanced Certificate in Human Resource Management from Cork College of Commerce and a qualification as a professional trainer. I really do mean business when it comes to personal development!

With my extensive knowledge and experience, I can help you master the right mindset, build a toolbox of strategies and techniques, and show you how to network like a pro on LinkedIn. I can also guide you through crafting a standout, irresistible resume, and help you prepare for job interviews with tailored, informative and effective answers to even the most challenging of questions.


Being a multilingual professional is a huge advantage in today's job market, and it can give you the edge you need to land your dream job. With the help of this programme, you'll discover how to leverage your multilingual skills to open up a wide range of job opportunities that align with your desires and aspirations for your career. 

Additionally, being multilingual can also enhance your ability to communicate effectively and build relationships with people from different backgrounds. This can be especially valuable in industries such as customer service, sales, and marketing, where being able to connect with customers and clients from different cultures is essential. Furthermore, multilingualism can also indicate a higher level of cognitive flexibility and problem-solving, which are highly desirable skills in many fields.

Through the program, you'll learn how to leverage your multilingual skills to open up a wide range of job opportunities, and enhance your ability to communicate effectively and build relationships. You'll also discover how to tap into the skills that are highly valued in many industries and stand out from the crowd as a multilingual professional.

It’s time to embrace and leverage your multilingualism - not hide it!


When you enrol, you will not only receive all the job search strategy and mindset tips you need to know - including how to overcome the most common mindset killers during your job search and set yourself up for success before even sending your first resume - but you’ll also get a step-by-step framework on how to craft a compelling, achievement-focused and ATS-proof resume that will make sure you stand head & shoulders above the rest and maximise your chances of being called for interview.

I’ll show you the simple rules to follow to provide tailored, informative and effective answers to even the most challenging of interview questions as well as 10 fail-safe strategies for interview success.

Also included:

  • Proven LinkedIn strategies to optimise your job search, including how to network like a pro, enhance your personal brand and advance your career.
  • Tangible tools you need to network effectively & efficiently, follow-up like a pro and land the role you’ve been dreaming of for years with access to video recordings and training worksheets.

Join "Get the Job!" today and start making tracks towards landing your dream role for a one-time payment of €297.