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Career Confidence Bundle

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In this bundle including three pre-recorded videos, you'll learn from a panel of three speakers how you can boost your self confidence & raise your energy to manifest your dream job and reach your career goals.

 'Don't settle for less than you deserve: 7 dating lessons you can apply in your job search' by Fatou Barry, Career Coach & Mentor. 

'Ditch New Year's Resolutions & learn how you can achieve your goals in the new year' by Melanie Poussin, Life & Empowerment Coach.

'From underdog to in-demand: how I cracked the code to become a sought-after candidate in the Irish job market' by Effie Manyos, Product Manager, Mentor & Entrepreneur.

Special bonuses:

Journal Prompts + Guided Visualisation led by Melanie Poussin.

Q&A session with Melanie, Effie & Fatou.